Security Awareness Training

The biggest oversight that we’re constantly coming across with Australian businesses is in the awareness of their staff and directors regarding cyber-security. While international businesses have a firm grasp on cyber-security at a behavioral level, the majority of Australians tend to stop at the technical implementations. By neglecting the most crucial cyber-security steps, companies are leaving themselves wide open to security breaches.

Our platform is designed to open up the conversation, and address the critical oversights within a business. We provide a framework that covers all bases and educates businesses from their staff to their directors on cyber-security musts.

As much as some organisations are nervous about cyber-attacks it does and will happen to everyone. The sooner we talk about it publicly, the sooner we’ll increase the maturity of the market  – Steve Ingram (Cyber Lead at PWC) 

What cyber-security education does Defend Wise provide?

Our program is designed to educate our clients on all necessary components of cyber-security, including the following:

  • Email phishing identification
  • Safe password practices
  • Breach recovery plans
  • Breach reaction plans
  • Removable storage guidance
  • Smart wi-fi network practices
  • Risk reporting
  • Risk strategy guidance

How is the education that we offer delivered?

Our education is delivered immediately and consistently across multiple platforms:

  • Personal consulting
  • Educational resources and guides
  • Cyber-safe posters and office notices
  • Cyber-security video training lessons
  • Managerial and reporting frameworks
  • Consistent cyber-security updates and reviews

Meeting request

If you would like us to asses your cyber security compliance, or want further information please provide us with your most appropriate contact details.

Is your business secure?

Contact our team today to organise a obligation free meeting to review your security and if you are at risk.

In 2015, Australia had the largest number of cyber security incidents – a total of 9432 across 12 months. That’s more than twice the number of the previous year.

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