Mandatory Breach Notification

Mandatory Breach Notification

Recovering from a cyber-assault is difficult and taxing, with 60% of companies failing to recover after experiencing an attack. In February 2018, this will be made even harder with the Mandatory Breach Notification; an amendment indicating that companies will be legally obliged to notify the Privacy Commissioner and their clients of data breaches, with fines of up to $1.8 million for non-compliance.

It’s time to be prepared. Our Security Framework is built not only on the premise that a company needs to be secure against cyber-threats, but needs to be prepared for the ramifications of an attack. By addressing not only the technical aspects but also the real operations of your business, the Defend Wise platform is designed to protect you from all angles.

“In the world of cyber security, if you are standing still you are going backwards. The cyber security environment is constantly evolving, and we need to be adaptive and proactive.” – Dan Tehan (Minister Assisting the PM for Cyber Security)

How does Defend Wise prepare you for Mandatory Breach Notification?

  • Prevent company fines of up to $1.8 million
  • Prevent individual fines of up to $360,000
  • Defence of your client relationships and reputation
  • Preparation for breach disclosure in compliance with legislation
  • Company-wide training on crucial cyber-security practices
  • A secure framework to protect you from all angles, both technically and as a business

What does Defend Wise provide for your company?

  • Improved security – meeting and surpassing the industry standard
  • Cyber-security communicated at a company-wide level, not just your I.T. 
  • Smooth cyber-security implementation – working with, not against your business
  • Assurance in your knowledge and approach to cyber-security
  • Lowed company risk-levels with improved risk-management strategies
  • Security resources and strategies applied in a simple and direct manner

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In 2015, Australia had the largest number of cyber security incidents – a total of 9432 across 12 months. That’s more than twice the number of the previous year.

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