Cyber Security Framework

Companies are facing more threats and requirements surrounding cyber-security than ever before, and it will only grow from here. Our framework is built to address 20 high-impact points of your business and optimise their interactions with cyber-security. Through our combined exposure to the technical aspects of cyber-security and our collective experience with actual business operations, our product aligns cyber-security with company to deliver full protection.

By addressing all components of your business from your Network Security to your Staff Awareness, we protect you and your company on all fronts. 

We need to continue to educate our people that cyber security is an organisation wide issue, not an IT issue.

What does our framework provide?

Our platform provides much more than superb technical security:

  • Improved cyber-security
  • Company-wide protection addressing more than your I.T. needs
  • Smooth integration of cyber-security to business operations
  • Clear and direct knowledge of cyber-security demands
  • Reduced risk levels on key-assets
  • Breach reaction and recovery strategies – minimising reputational damage

Important Framework Components

The framework is comprised of 20 key points relating to your business, including the following coverage:

  • Network Security Solutions
  • Key Asset Protection
  • Staff Awareness Training
  • Breach Reaction & Recovery Strategies
  • Access Monitoring and Delegation
  • Email and Password Protection

How is our framework implemented?

Going into our meeting, we want communications to be as clear and relevant as possible. We’ve developed a quick survey to be completed before-hand, comprising the most crucial points of your business relating to cyber-security.

After we’ve got some of the key-information from the survey, we conduct a meeting regarding the framework in congruence with your company, and address any and all questions or concerns you may have.

We’ll send through the login information for your Online Portal. Through here you’ll be able to access all resources of the framework, including continuous updates and the ability to manage and maintain your framework.

With the implementation of the framework, the technical security measures and organisational training measures will be in place. You’ll have full access to the training resources of your framework, including videos and office awareness supplies, all backed by our local support team.

Our framework is a certified solution to the technical and operational needs of a business. We’ll be monitoring your implementation of the framework and will provide updates on crucial security measures moving forward.

Meeting request

If you would like us to asses your cyber security compliance, or want further information please provide us with your most appropriate contact details.

Is your business secure?

Contact our team today to organise a obligation free meeting to review your security and if you are at risk.

In 2015, Australia had the largest number of cyber security incidents – a total of 9432 across 12 months. That’s more than twice the number of the previous year.

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