AFSL Cyber Resiliance

AFSL Cyber Resiliance

If you are an AFS licensee, you’re already a larger target for cyber-attacks. For companies in the finance sector, Australian legislation specifically enforces further legal requirements for risk management systems and resources. AFS licensees are explicitly required to ensure that their cyber-risk framework is up-to-date and regularly reviewed.

Our platform is designed to keep you on top of current industry regulations. Through our combined technical expertise and business exposure we’ve built a framework that ensures you are covered company-wide. Your company needs to be ahead of the curve on these matters, and our framework is built on the necessity that you are secure both in the immediate landscape, and moving forward.

ASIC – “We are seeking to assist our regulated population in their efforts to improve cyber resilience. It is critical that our regulated entities manage their cyber risks.”

How does Defend Wise help you in the face of cyber-threats?

Our clients are often surprised at how fluently Defend Wise protects their company without disruption. Our platform allows you to :

  • Implement your technology fluently with finance sector regulations
  • Communicate your security demands at a company-wide level, clearly and beyond just your I.T. staff
  • Function at a low-risk level, identify and minimise security risks.
  • Incorporate cyber-security as a key and natural component of your business
  • Improve your security to meet and surpass the industry standard

How does Defend Wise prepare you for industry regulations?

In the face of current and upcoming legislations, cyber-security is a company wide issue. We offer the following at both the technical and operational levels of your business, to ensure that your legal blindspots are covered:

  • End-point Protection
  • Email and Password Protection
  • Staff Awareness Training
  • Breach Reaction & Recovery Strategies
  • Key Asset Protection
  • Network Security Measures

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Is your business secure?

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In 2015, Australia had the largest number of cyber security incidents – a total of 9432 across 12 months. That’s more than twice the number of the previous year.

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