About Defend Wise

Defend Wise started with a small exposure to cyber-security, which sparked a strong concern for the level of risk-management among fellow Australian companies.

Through gaining experience and exposure to the world of cyber-security and the overwhelming level of cyber-threats targeting Australian companies, our team has developed an extensive yet concise framework to protect you regardless of your size. From small to large businesses, we’ve seen a baffling level of negligence in Australian cyber-security, and we’ve taking the steps to fix that.

We know that it’s impossible to prevent all cyber-attacks. That’s why we identify your key assets, your Crown Jewels, and implement a comprehensive security framework to keep them protected.


Why choose defend wise

Local team to provide support

There’s no room for communication barriers in cyber-security, as such our support team are based in Australia, and our communication is clear and to-the-point.

Cyber aware team

We only work with intelligent and knowledgeable staff. Our team are well-informed on both the technical aspects of cyber-security, and the way that this relates to an organisation.

We partner with the best for you

We partner with only the best and most certifiable vendors in delivering our framework. It is crucial that our collaborators are vetted to a high-industry standard.

We work globally

Cyber-security is a global-issue. Legislation and measures have been in place in the U.S and across the globe for 15 years plus. Our team is well versed on international events.

We understand business needs

We have the technical knowledge, but just as (if not more) importantly, we understand what it means to run a business. The framework is made to serve your business.

Local laws & regulations

Legislative requirements are more extensive than ever. We’re equipped to handle local compliance and regulations so that you are prepared and protected on legal demands.

Our mission

Our mission is crucial; to simplify cyber-security for every Australian business, and raise both the awareness of the risks and regulations of cyber-security. We aim to protect, prepare and educate Australians moving forward and in the immediate technical landscape.

We know how the technical aspects of cyber-security need to integrate with you as a business, and we provide full coverage for your company via the following services.

  • Secure Framework
  • Staff Awareness Training
  • Mandatory Breach Notification
  • AFLS Resilience Compliance 

Cyber Security Landscape

Breaches Caused by Human Error 93%
Caused by weak passwords 63%
Attacks against SME businesses 43%
Attacks that are financially motivated 95%

Our management team

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