Top 6 IT Priorities for 2018

In the last year we have seen more cyber attacks than ever before and unfortunately in 2018 are likely to see more of the same.

We are all at the mercy of such attacks, from large corporations to consumers. What’s worse is that the cyber crims have a new arsenal of tools and techniques which have been specifically designed to circumvent even our most progressive security defences.

So faced with these new and increasing threats, what can businesses do to ensure that they are flush with the most current security measures? The following are 6 key priorities that every security conscious business needs to take in order to meet escalating global cyber security standards.

  1. Understand your environment:

For IT security to be effective, you’ve got to know what systems you have in place and what level of security is in place for each. Without a clear view of your operations, you are at risk of exploitation.

  1. Remember the cloud:

Not all cloud platforms are secure, therefore as much care should be taken to secure applications and data on a cloud platform as is taken for on-premise resources.

  1. Maintain frequent data backups:

It’s something that we are constantly reminded to do but unfortunately is as often overlooked. Organisations need to conduct regular and comprehensive data backups. That way if you get hacked, you can rebuild from the clean backup copies allowing users to get back to work very quickly.

  1. Have a response plan:

It’s vital to put a clearly documented plan in place outlining the steps that should be taken should an attack occur.

  1. Keep the Board informed:

In 2018, be deliberate about providing regular security updates about what is exactly going on when it comes to security. Consider establishing a governance committee who can brief the board every month.

  1. Create a security culture:

Cyber security starts with the individual. Educate your people on smart cyber practices through regular training and awareness programs.

Sure, there is plenty that needs to be done to create a cyber secure environment that is on par with the Australian and global standard, but this doesn’t need to be an overwhelming exercise. Contact a Defend Wise representative to see how effectively and painlessly cyber-security measures can be implemented or take our survey to assess your organisation’s cyber risk.

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