Cyber Security – Fraud Risk

A recent spate of real estate-related frauds in Perth has again emphasised the importance of cyber security, and the cost of being complacent. The frauds were purported to be the design of international operatives claimed the WA Consumer Protection Department.

In two of the cases, clients of a settlement agency had more than $25,000 stolen, whilst another three renters were tricked into sending nearly $7,500 worth of bond money to a hacker who had disguised himself as their property manager online.  In a separate case, an elderly woman in Perth had over $550,000 stolen after a scammer interjected emails relating to the settlement of a property that she’d purchased.

David Hillyard, Consumer Protection Commissioner has cautioned people that have an interest in purchasing property to be particularly vigilant.

Hillyard warns, “Buyers, sellers and tenants need to double check any email purporting to be from their real estate or settlement agent requesting funds be sent to a bank account…as the scammers could have hacked into the client’s or the agency’s email server…don’t reply to the email or use any numbers provided in the email as you could be communicating with the scammers…”

“For the property industry, it is imperative that all real estate and settlement agencies use the highest possible security software to protect the integrity of their computer systems and email servers” says Hillyard.

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