Cyber Security: Not just for the top dogs

Significant measures have been taken recently to ensure that Australia’s largest corporations are protected from the threat of cyberattack. Last year’s launch of the ASX 100 Cyber Health Check demonstrates the steps that the government and top organisations are willing to take in order to create a more secure online environment within Australia’s public and corporate sectors.

But how does this activity impact our small and mid-sized organisations?

Almost half of all employed Australians now work for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and, worryingly, this significant population may be our most vulnerable to cyberattack. The issue here is that operations of this size are not typically exposed to the expertise, technology and strategies of the larger corporations and in this ever-changing space, companies of this size are under threat of being left behind.

Often we see that SMBs don’t actually realise or even acknowledge that they are in fact a digital dependent company. In this light, it becomes more difficult for companies of this size to make informed decisions about how to navigate their approach to cyber security.

So what can be done? Firstly, we shouldn’t expect SMBs to become a leading voice in the cyber security domain; but we do have an obligation to assist in them becoming astute to cyber risk.

Many have argued that this responsibility should rest partially on the shoulders of larger corporations whose vested interest should be to see SMBs become more cybersecurity aware. If SMBs fail to improve in this space then the consequences of this will impact the entire Australian economy, with larger corporations included.

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